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July 14, 2004
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5th, 6th and Nth -EDIT

Sorry for fuxing with it forever. Oh wait i'm NOT sorry :D Lengthened her right thigh as well as her body in general, fuxed with the lighting to allow a bit more space on the left. Added little lights on buildings HAHAHAHA like u care :p

K BAI and :heart: you all! Except Stan. :stab:

4th EDIT:
i know i said i woudn't change it.. but i couldn't fight... mastaaaaaaaaaaaaa
i could sleep, then Stanley my masta ruined my morning by doing an overpaint to show me just how fugly the bitch was.


-changed the hip area, clarified bone groups, lighting and form on face.
-personal change -the arm

3rd EDIT:

sorry.. i couldnt sleep before trying to apply something i learnt about imperfect illusion...

this is the last update for this piece, whatevers still damn wrong will stay that way as a reminder to myself :|

thanks all for the encouragement.
this is the original for comparison.

-lighting adjustment
-cheekbone more pronounced
-realised that the foreground didnt carry enough of the bg's mandatory mist lol (its a sennalin thing)
-shade adjustments

im happier with it now :)


...its primarily a figure study, THEN a character generation for one commander for the Sennalin incursion force [read below for details]

its not meant to be a gear study.. as hinted in the BG.. she belongs to such a battalion and a specific 'havok' type armour... she is merely waiting for a poor soul to finish vacuuming her suit :)


thanks and others for the crit...

this is the original for comparison

changed -stressed arm, and rotated it correctly
-chin 'fat' removed and more prominent cheekbones
-smoothed out some skin


5 hours in PS CS... no reference... [cept for my notebook of basic anatomy]

inspired by the endless harrassment of my Great Teacher Stanley about my poor figures, i aim to improve. After this piece, there wont be many non-ref ones, in the serious strain to 'get it right'.

Titties... :excited:

This is also one of few concept art produced for [link] (which is undergoing huuuuge revamps in light of HL2s release :D yay! :excited:)

the rest is self explanatory. :sleep:

PS: oh and the armoured astronaut to her left and far bg are ripped from my other character sheets :p cause i r t3h LAZY HAH.
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I love that! Its awesome, what did you use to make?
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