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Shadow Operations by ukitakumuki Shadow Operations by ukitakumuki
A team of Shadow Troopers tracking down Rebel scum. In the original square format image, the ground and foliage in front of the crouching trooper has been disturbed with what looks like a walker's footprint. Maybe some rebels stole an AT-ST.

Somehow I was trying to convey 'serenity' and 'stillness' when I was painting this. Like a calm dewy morning of sorts, the Shadow tracker team moving through the forest with an equal amount of stealth and grace.

Done for Sony Online Entertainment's Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game.

Work is copyright to Lucasarts Entertainment (explains why you don't see signatures anywhere on the work as well...). You can find the higher res wallpaper versions here: [link]
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StreetKombatfighter Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
nice work :)
MightyRaptor Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2015  Student Digital Artist
"The shadow troopers"
aristi1982 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014  Hobbyist
love it love it
cinemajack Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014
so cool
agentx712 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2012
it is a shame that Lucas cannot make better use of the franchise, instead we get cartoons, oh well. This art is awesome.
ukitakumuki Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
1313's set to change that.. and oh.. Disneyy :p
LordScourge1138 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2013
Sigh, i was hopeful for 1313 as well, but disney... oh well, great image!
Druce-White-Owl Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2012  Professional Writer
Mission accomplished with the atmosphere goal. The light reflection of the helmets immediately made me think dawn; probably a quiet, misty one, using the fog as cover while they close in on their quarry. Very atmospheric, and the simple act of having the second trooper giving a hand signal implies the suggestion of a full squad just out of view as well; excellent work all around!
ukitakumuki Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
thanks man :) I grew to enjoy narrative the most when it comes to image making..
lary6420 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2012
Now y can't they make a Star Wars game that focuses on Stealth?
ukitakumuki Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
perhaps 1313 will have it.. at least some :)
lary6420 Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012
we'll hope for the best then. Damn it looks like a rly Dope game
unkownsoldier1 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2012
Can these guys actually shoot something? Otherwise, I'm not impressed :/
ukitakumuki Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Oh I think they have :p Plenty of rebel scum
MWAlex Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Oh man, dat tension ;A;

Anyway, this piece is just beautiful. The light catches on their armour, and the detail on the vegetation is just stunning. I'm rapidly becoming a real fan of your work.
mandospartangirl117 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
omg this is AMAZING
wrath9 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2012
Shadow Troopers? So are these guy's like special forces or are they just scouts/assassins equipped with more sophisticated stuff than what the other troopers get?...Well on the matter of serenity and stillness, I think that you did quite well with this picture and the shading was also good, so make more of this stuff, please?
ukitakumuki Featured By Owner May 11, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
I think so, yeah. Elite stormtroopers, basically. :) Thanks!!
ThePitbullLover Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2012
Your Star Wars stuff is probably the coolest stuff in your gallery...At least for me it is.
quadserpant Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Savvysap Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Black Storm troopers... Shadow Troopers...
shereshoy Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2011
Very good!
MandalShArK Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Like it! good to see shadow troopers in a jungle setting!
botchiball Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2010
This is a beautiful image, granted its of two warriors trying to find people to kill.. but still a beautiful image : ). Congrats on getting your work selected.
ukitakumuki Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
thanks :)
Fi8015 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2010
I like this...The effect it has on my mind.I feel as though I'm actually there...
egmus Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
wowww thats fantastic also your gallery is soooo fantstc
rashmika123 Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2010  Student
hay coz ur an awesome artist how do u get the colourss to blend in properlly coz i dont have pen presure so i have to keep changing the opasity and it dosent come out good and good tips
jailgurdnegative Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2010  Hobbyist
hahah.. its always nice to see troopers being troopers.
TheMobiusMan Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2010
Your use of level of detail as it pertains to depth of field never ceases to amaze me... you don't need to blur backgrounds or foregrounds relative to the focus, you just include less detail on less focused objects... it's brilliant...
JanTuts Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2010   Digital Artist
I have to throw this out here to see if anyone else thinks this:

I always thought the Storm Trooper helmets looked a bit weird.
Not weird as in 'bad', just a bit weird.
I can't keep myself from seeing the grid under the eyes as a mouth and the actual mouthpiece as a chin :P

Since my first Star Wars, I've been seeing something resembling this: :icondatass:

Just try scrolling up the ukitakumuki's image, then back down here, now back up there and back down here, what do you see? The helmet is now diamonds...

No, just kidding, but really, do you guys see what I mean? :D
Ashkanie Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Tzeentchcommunismplz Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2010
Rebel scum? Nice. :)
Mitia-Arcturus Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2010
axem-ranger-black Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2010
"Somehow I was trying to convey 'serenity' and 'stillness' when I was painting this. Like a calm dewy morning of sorts" thats something i love abt your work :3
le-Chin Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2010
very nice, reflective lighting is spot on
Csp499 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You know, no matter how I look at stormtroopers, I just can't imagine them without that vent looking like a frowny face.
ukitakumuki Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
That's okay, lol, I think that's the point really. Vents being there have no logical or functional purpose in my opinion anyway -they are purely aesthetic and for good reason! Looks kickass :D
bandro Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2010
Great collection!
Weasel102 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2010
Stealthy ninja.
DarksteelWimbat Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2010
Shadings are sublims! I truly love your art! I also like the moves in it, the simulation of an action scene, taken to immortality in this pic.


[Got fav]
Rhenus Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2010
very nice
DragonStrider Featured By Owner May 18, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
greensandsguy Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2010
great! :#1:
surthur Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
I noticed you like interaction between characters, but here its really building up the tension before the storm. gotta learn from ya :salute:
Chuckdee Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2010  Professional General Artist
... as always, all kinds of kick ass! :)
TheLastIronMan Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Sarge: "Whaddya see, Ving?"
Ving: "..."
Sarge: "Ving?"
Ving: "...Yeah, Sarge, I think the intel was a bust."
Malinion Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I think you could have added water droplets to the plant on the left. Pedantisicm aside it's amazing
Splinter-Cell37 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2010  Hobbyist Filmographer
Akidwholovesart Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Very nice! I still can't figure out why Storm troopers suck bantha poodoo! lol. Their still awsome!
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